Carefully crafting a lasting impression

Baumeister Records is about making an impact. Carefully crafting a lasting impression on your audience, wether you want them to get emotional, feel uplifted or take them on a dynamic rollercoaster.


My aim is to carefully place tailor made sound into the project, to enhance the emotional and artistic values. Always with a compelling and impressive touch, ensuring the engagement of your audience. 


Baumeister Records - by Ruud de Groot - is not my first musical endeavour. After I finished high school, my love for music convinced me to open up my own record shop. Soon, my band Kovacs (where I played guitar and did vocals) got so well known we got booked at bigger festivals such as Glastonbury and Sziget, and I closed the shop because there wasn’t any time left to invest in it.


After receiving our first Gold Award for ’Shades of Black' I decided my journey with Kovacs had come to an end, and I wanted to pursue my own sound. This is what led me to start Baumeister-records, and I’ve loved every minute of it.